Today’s mining operations leverage automation and electrification |

Today’s mining operations leverage automation and electrification | Komatsu

The minerals mined by our customers are an essential part of modern society. To meet production demands while maintaining increasing environmental pressures, they are transforming their business through advanced technology through digitalization and automation. We leverage technology, data, automation, electrification and innovation to support our customers in the work they do. With a focus on safety, we provide essential products and services that protect workers, while making operations more efficient and cost-effective. Our PC4000 excavator prioritizes safety and reliability and offers in-cab payload management with the Argus PLM system integrated with KOMTRAX. Our longwall systems utilize complex algorithms to translate data points into visual information to predict significant changes in operating conditions, helping our customers avoid potential issues. Learn more about our longwall systems at Learn more about our PC4000 excavator at Learn more about the Argus PLM system at Subscribe to keep up with how we’re innovating mining for a sustainable future together.

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