Rear Brakes 60 Steering and Brakes XUV Gator Utility Vehicle 825i (Gas) PC9958 in UTILITY VEHICLE GATOR

Parts list:

 №  Number Qty Name Options
1   M170554   Washer SUB FOR VG12270  
2   AM142030   Brake Line INCLUDES (2) M160664 AND (2) M71234; SUB FOR AM138758  
3   M162580   Hollow Screw SUB FOR APPL M162579  
4   M159893   Union Fitting Brake Tube  
5   M161168   Clamp  
6   M71234   Plug  
7   M160664   Hose Clamp  
8   AM144111   Brake Line SUB FOR AM138760; INCLUDES (2) M167533 and M159893  
9   19M7775   Screw M6 X 16  
10   M162306   Clip  
11   H170080   Clip  
12   M152674   Screw  
13   AM134790   Disk Brake Caliper Assy  
13   AUC13924   Disk Brake Caliper Assy SUB FOR AUC11300 OR AM148501 OR AM146516  
14   UC18139   Bleed Valve SUB FOR M154087  
15   AM141182   Kit  
16   M154090   Snap Ring  
17   11M7087   Cotter Pin 4 X 40 mm  
18   14M7188   Nut M20  
19   E71023   Washer  
19   M163861   Washer  
20   AM142949   Hub SUB FOR M158242 OR M164365  
21   AM138746   Brake Line  
21   AM144792   Brake Line Master Cylinder to Tube Union  
22   AM138757   Brake Line  
23   AM138759   Brake Line USE WITH AM138746  
23   AM144793   Brake Line USE WITH AM144792  
24   M167533   Clip  
25   M153757   Lock Nut