Air Cleaner (For California) 30 Fuel and Air TX Turf or TX Turf 4X2 Gator Utility Vehicle PC9462 in UTILITY VEHICLE TX

Parts list:

 №  Number Qty Name Options
1   AM136923   Air Cleaner ORDER AM140685 AND R65785  
1   AM140685   Air Cleaner ALSO ORDER R65785  
1   AM146127   Air Cleaner  
2   AMT1408   Cover Air Cleaner  
3   AM108172   Drain Valve Vacuator  
4   M113621   Filter Element  
5   VG12042   Clamp Air Cleaner Mounting  
6   19M7866   Screw M8 X 20  
7   14M7396   Lock Nut M8  
8   TY22470   Clamp SUB FOR AR21840  
9   M157577   Hose Engine to Air Cleaner  
9   M156806   Hose Engine to Air Cleaner  
10   M70097   Nut  
11   M153007   Air Intake Stack  
12   M138492   Clamp  
13   M153008   Tube Breather  
14   TY22464   Clamp SUB FOR M140299  
15   M152981   Gasket Air Intake, Choke  
16   VG12156   Restrictor Air  
17   R56101   Clip  
18   []   To Air Cleaner CTL = 7620 mm; MF UC24981; SUB FOR M154055 OR M175325  
19   37M7514   Screw M8 X 16, SUB FOR N10218  
19   M168846   Screw  
20   AH77724   Clip  
21   M117459   Clip  
22   M152980   Bracket Air Intake  
23   R65785   Fitting  
24   M173255   Label Spark Arrestor